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From Adaptive to Responsive with Axure RP

Axure Responsive Design Patterns

There's a steep learning curve to designing with Axure's Adaptive Views, with a tendency for novices to think they need to adapt a new view for each device they want to support. Not necessary!

We've been working on a mobile-first drag-and-drop solution to designing responsively with Axure RP 7. Go and have a play with the demo

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How does it work?

The solution includes a ready to use Widget Library (.rplib) and Project Template (.rp) file with:

  • an adaptive/responsive paging & menu system baked-in
  • a number of common adaptive/responsive widgets ready to drag and drop
  • prototype generation configurations for most mobile devices included with your template file with only 2 adaptive views (some maths involved, but we do it for you!)

We follow a few simple guidelines:

  • design with proportions, not explicit widths
  • design for a range of widths, not specific breakpoints
  • design at the smaller end of the range to validate operability at smaller widths.

An Introduction

Start with this, it covers mostly all you need to know to get up and running with the Responsive Pattern Library System.

From Adaptive to Responsive with Axure RP

This video takes you through how to generate prototypes for a wide range of mobile devices from one .rp file by making adjustments to prototype configuration settings (and a bit of maths).